Born and raised in Varadero, Cuba, Noel Aquino now lives in the United States. Demonstrating artistic and creative promise from a young age he was selected to study at The Matanzas School of Art. While there he trained under the tutelage of several nationally and internationally recognized Cuban artists.

A prolific artist, Aquino produced a strong body of work while still a very young man in Cuba. During that time, much of his art included intricate landscapes and portraits with the occasional surreal subject matter. Fueled by a non-conformist attitude and an adventurous spirit he left Cuba for the United States.  His arrival in the U.S. precipitated a dramatic shift in style as he produced mostly surreal pieces with ethereal and spiritual esthetics. In more recent years his work tends to both the abstract and surreal in a contemporary modernist style.

Aquino has participated in numerous solo and group exhibits in Florida, Michigan and the Washington D.C. area, and has sold well over 500 pieces. His works are part of private collections in the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.  


Artist Statement

The need to create is always present in my life, and I am in constant pursuit of fulfilling that need.  When painting, my materials are a combination of both the conventional- like brushes, paint, and canvas, and the unconventional- such as grains of sand, a fragment of wood, or a piece of plastic. The latter I refer to as “present materials” and are always from the surroundings of where I am creating the work.

In my process, I don’t always begin with a sketch, or an image of something tangible in my head, instead I tap into internal subconscious emotions and transpose those inner perspectives onto the canvas. The exploration and formation of my works occur as much when I have stepped away from a piece as it does when I am physically with it. I change and paint the piece in my head until I return to it to make adjustments. I then analyze and play with it, and repeat the process until I feel that it is complete. The resulting artworks are for me my most authentic form of communication and my quintessential artist statements.